Prophetic Counseling

"Turn your Pain into Praise & your Worry into Worship"

~International House of Prayer Worship Center

International House of Prayer


Rev Mikki, a renown Prophet under Mikki Reno, has helped over 10000+ people in their journey in life to find their purpose and to root them back to God and Jesus. Mikki is listed on every Life Coaching site, almost every prophetic site, and many other advice sites as she knew that people in the church are not the ones that need drastic help. Helping to save those turning away from God, searching and lurking and falling into traps by all types of evil has always been her primary mission, and going forward will be no different. She can hear and see the will of God for peoples lives through the Holy Spirit, and thats why God put her on the frontline.



Many people have judged and placed shame, but if you spend just one moment with Rev. Mikki on the phone, or in person you will see she is a beacon of light and woman of God. Rev. Mikki does nothing outside of the realm or Christ, and believes in & calls on God our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our Comforter to bring people out of darkness.



With her holy candles lit, her bible wide open, her holy water present, and sometimes even her armor of God crystals (for energy and protection as they coming from the earth hold energy,) she gets the praying on her knees and destroying demons and creatures not of Gods will and helps, and has helped many become strong in their purpose of serving God. Peoples limbs which have been aching and hurting have been healed, relationships and families torn, re constituted. We have seen many miracles and primarily through prayer.



Though prayer is always free, a love token is required for private couseling sessions. Please click on our Prayer Request page, if you are simply in need of prayer so that we may add you to our prayer list and send you more information regarding our prayer line.